Lashstylist, make-up artist and beautician⁣ Jahre8 years in eyelash business⁣ 

-Owner of Eyelash Studio Me & Beauty in Böblingen / Stuttgart ⁣

-London Lash Pro Trainer⁣

-Winner of many competitions ⁣ with over 19 trophies !!!!

-Award Winner of London Lash Pro⁣

-Jury national and international⁣

-Speakers at national and international conferences⁣

-Lashart artist⁣

-Artist for many magazines⁣

-Cover from Lash Inc. USA / Canada at the moment

Businesspage: ⁣⁣

Instagram: ⁣⁣



-6 times qualified eyelash stylist⁣ -Master single technique Lashes by Dominique ⁣ -Master eyelash lifting Lashes by Dominique⁣ -training in German and Spanish


Happily married and mother of three boys:. Founder and CEO of Mélange Beauty Studio and Academy.⁣

Eyelash/brow artist and trainer and judge.⁣ National and international champion of the eyelash extension competitions.⁣

Trainer of the some winner of the eyelash competishions.⁣

Developer of unique training courses


-Owner: 1st Official Phistudio in Augsburg ⁣

- trained nurse - therefore hygiene and precision is a must for me in my work :) ⁣

- I visited the nail designer training in 2014 -2018 as a hobby to the main occupation⁣

- 2015 Base Eyelash Extension Training 1: 1 Technique ⁣

- 2015 volume training at Dlux Pro Lashes ⁣

- 2015 Microblading Training ⁣

- 2016 Phibrow's training with the Zlata Kicin ⁣

- Already after 6 months after the microblading training I got my new title as 1st Phibrows Royal Artist in Augburg ⁣

- 2017 Philashes Advanced Russian Volume Training at Luisa Bässler ⁣

- 2017 Philings training with Zlata Kicin ⁣

- 2018 1st Philashes Royal Artist in Augsburg ⁣

- 2018 Pigment Wiper Permanent make up removal training at Sinan Yilmaz ⁣

- 2018 New Opening 1st Official Phistudio Augsburg ⁣

- 2018 Powderbrows Perfection Training at Kerstin & Thorsten ⁣

- 2019 Master for Pigment Wiper (PmU and Tattoo Removal) for Germany ⁣

- 2019 Official Master of Philashes Phiacademy Branko Babic ⁣

- Assistance and Support & Organization for Master of Phiacademy ⁣

ILDIKÓ MOLNÁR from Hungary Budapest

-9 years of professional experience

-4 years of experience in teaching

-Luxury Eye trainer 

-Salon owner 

-Thousands of sets built 

-Multiple award winner


-Lash style cup 2015 - natural dream lashes: 2. Place

-Budapest Open Europe cup - Classic: 1. Place


-Lash style cup 2016 - 5D volume: 2. Place


Lash Pro contest Expert category

-Classic look: 2. Place

-Light volume: The best light volume work special prize 

-Colour chick: Favorite choice award special prize

-Dramatic Volume: Favorite dramatic volume special prize

My motto is that miracles always happen outside of your comfort zone and competitions are the best way to experience this.


- By Medacosmetics Serbia ⁣ - Eyelash Stylist for single technique and Russian volume⁣ - CCO of Medacosmetics ⁣ - Training Manager and Trainer for Medaacademy in Germany and Serbia


- For 3 years certified eyelash stylist

- Since April 2017 I work in my studio in a nail salon - since 2017 Microblading Artist

- specializing in volume technology up to 10 D

- Multiple award winner of the German Lashextensions 2018

- International 1st Place in the category Maxx Volume

- Lashtrainer for beginners and advanced

- Lashtrainer for perfection training abroad (May 2019 in Zurich & soon in Prishtina)

- since April 2019 Ombre Brows & Aquarell Lips Artist


-Founder of Kina All About Beauty (in Bremen). -Trainer & Distributor:

-Since May 2018 exclusive trainer for eyelash extensions and official distributor for Flawless Lashes by Loreta in Germany.

-July 2018 - January 2019 Trainer at My Lamination for eyelash lamination.

-Since January 2019 exclusive Lash Lift Trainer for Flawless Lashes by Loreta in Germany. -Spokeswoman & juror: - 2018 October juror for live and online eyelash championship "4th eyelash world" in Kalkar Germany

-2018 October Speaker for live eyelash conference "4th eyelash world" in Kalkar Germany

-2019 April juror for online eyelash championship "Lash queen competition Japan"

-2019 June Judge and spokeswoman for the live eyelash conference and championship "Champion Cils" in Brussels Belgium

-2019 August Speaker for eyelash conference "Vietnamese Eyelash Extensions Congress 2019" in Berlin

-2019 September Juror for live eyelash championship "Euro Lash 2019" in Stockholm 

-2019 September Judge for online eyelash championship "Lashqueenchampionship" England

-2019 September Speaker at live eyelash conference "Lash Convention" in Augsburg Germany

-2019 October juror for live eyelash championship "Championship 2019 Berlin" in Berlin Germany

-2019 November spokeswoman at live eyelash conference "The Lash Social Uk" England

-2019 November juror for eyelash championship "5th Eyelash World" in Kalkar Germany


Founder and director of London Lash Professional, Hanna is a trailblazer within the lash community. Not only has she curated one of the industry’s most innovative and critically acclaimed eyelash extension training programmes, she has also built a globally recognised multi-million pound e-commerce business dedicated to developing revolutionary products for eyelash application. 

In just four short years she has turned her home based lash business into a corporation with more than 40 employees and 50 partners.

Hanna has won numerous awards in recognition of her entrepreneurial skills including Professional Brand of the Year 2016 and 2018, the CEW Digital Marketing Achiever Award (awarded by Google) and the Manchester Young Talent entrepreneur of the year award 2018.

She is devoted to sharing her extensive knowledge and experience by contributing articles to multiple lash publications, judging competitions and speaking at industry events both nationally and internationally. By doing this she inspires others towards achieving success


Independent in the beauty industry for 15 years Following a nail salon for 14 years⁣ "Since I needed a change to the nail salon, I trained myself in 2013 and invested a lot of time in the eyelash glue" "I have worked out and refined the technique and the glue by myself through much research, practice and perseverance".

In May 2017, I successfully participated in a perfection training with Luisa Bassler of "PhiLashes" and was the first PhiLashes artist in Berlin⁣ Since September 2017 I am now the 1st PhiLashes ROYAL Artistin Berlin⁣ In March 2018 I attended another perfection training course with Helga Halapi of "Luxury Eye". ⁣

I have a passion and all my heart is stuck in Lashes and I gave up my nail salon in 2018"

I was also a Lashtrainer for a short time, unfortunately I do not have the time to pass on my knowledge. ⁣

In May 2019, I worked as a Master Assistant to Luisa Bassler of "PhiLashes" in Berlin⁣. I only offer Lashes and Lashliftings in my studio and I'm 100% focused on this area ⁣ "I've been working in the eyelash business for more than 6 years"


-Lash Artist with over 6 years experience
-Owner of Lash Lady Scunthorpe
-London Lash Pro Trainer
-Multiple award winner of the lash competitions and lash events
-One of the first 18 PHI Royal Artists awarded by Branco Babic and Louisa Bassler
-One of the TOP 20 World Volume Lash Master Eyelash Extensions Stylist awarded by Eyelash Emporium 2015
-Lash Artist of the Month March 2016 awarded by Lash Affair
-Part of the World Elite in Eyelash Extensions by Vicoires du Regard 2017
-Award of Excellence TOP 100 Lash Artist by London Lash Pro 2017
-NALA 2018 Award Nominee “Lash Artist of the year”
-NALA 2019 Award Nominee “Lash Artist Integrity”
-TOP 50 World Lash Artist Award by Lash Inc
-International Judge and Sponsor of Universal Lash&Brow Competition ONLINE 2018 Spain
-International Judge of LASH BULLS 2018 Online Lash Cup Marbella, Spain
-International Judge of Universe Lash Brow Make Up and Nails, Buenos Aires/Argentina
-Lash Inc Official Ambassador
-Awarded as a TOP Trainer by London Lash Pro in March 2018
-Awarded as a TOP 100 Most Famous Person and Brand Lash&Brow by VSV Planeta Belleza 2018
-Awarded as a TOP UK Trainer by London Lash Pro,(1st and 2nd quarter) 2019
-International Judge of Simetria Lash Match, Romania 2019

* Published in Lash Inc International
* Published in Lash Stylist Magazine, Netherlands
* Published in Lash Letter, Germany
* Published in Lash Me Magazine,Poland


Lashtrainer and international Judge
CEO and founder of Deluxe Kimlash Academy

-1. Place - 2D/ 3D Volume at German Master Lashextensions in Berlin 2018
-Top 20 Best Lashextensions Work ‚Likemylash’ At International Lashcompetition ‚Victoires du regard‘ Paris 2019
-Top 10 Best Classic German Specialist At International Lashcompetition ‚Victoires du regard‘ Paris 2019
-Top 10 Best Volume German Specialist At International Lashcompetition ‚Victoires du regard‘ Paris 2019

-Judge of Lashcompetition in Allicante, Spain 04/2019
- Judge of Lashcompetition in Vienna, Austria 05/2019
-Judge of International Lashcompetition in California, USA 08/2019
- Judge of European Lash Championship 09/2019

-Judge of Tokyo Lashcompetition in Japan 10/2019


-Since 1999 working in the beauty industry -Trained as a nail designer, make-up artist, -eyelash stylist since 2013, coaching license since 2016 at the moment the eyelash bar.

-Since 3 years trainer at Wifi, - Vienna, St. Pölten and Burgenland. Brand ambassador for Combinal (Dr. Temt).

-Lash Lifting and Eyebrow Expert, HyaluronPen,

-Pro facial Glow Trainer for Austria by Hanka Röhrer), Henna Brows.

- Currently in microblading training

Self-employed since 2008 and runs a company with 5 employees and this year founded her own Academy of Beauty


Lashstylist since 2006

- Multiple eyelash extension championships winner

- International Judge

- International Speaker

- International Lash Trainer

- Author of her own teaching methods

- Author of a series of free video tutorials in Periscope and YouTube (yaLASHes Club)

- Organizer of the international online project #LASHMAKERupgrade #LASHMAKERupgrade2 #LASHMAKERupgrade3

- Founder of yaLASHes GmbH (School, Studio, Shop)

- The owner of the beauty salon „YA-STUDIO“ (Berlin)

- Speaker at the largest specialized exhibition for professionals in the beauty industry and salon business INTERCHARM professional (Moscow)

Thanks to her long-term experience of a passionate lashstylist, trainer, participant, as well as judge of international eyelash extension championships, the speaker of international conferences, Alena knows all the nuances of the profession, as well as the concerns and problems of lashstylists.

She made it  her mission to make life of the lashstylists easier and make them happier!


⁣-Founder and owner of the studio and Academy Engels eyelashes⁣
⁣-Founder of the protected brand Engelswimpern⁣
⁣-Developer of a dedicated training and education program; This training system is currently being trained throughout Europe by its coaches in four countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary)⁣
⁣-Leader of 10 coaches⁣
⁣-Author of the 70-page Lash Book`s by Hajalka Szabo (Basic Education & Volume Lash Stylist)⁣
⁣-Multiple winner and winner of the International Competition⁣ "Among other things, in 2017 she won several prizes at the Eyelash World Championship - where she had a total of 11 prizes during a weekend⁣
⁣-She was crowned the "LashQueen of Germany 2017"⁣ FinalWord Finalist 2018 Volume Specialist- Victories du Regard in Paris⁣
⁣-Since 2018, she actively participates as a jury member in many international competitions and conferences as a speaker


Founder of @divineofbeauty_official

-Specialized on the American mega⁣
Volume up to approx. 30D⁣

-Training and coaching exam at LashboxLA⁣

-Ex Trainer by LashboxLA Germany⁣

-Technology elaborated and duplicated⁣

-International Lashtrainer, trained⁣
already in the Arab Emirates, Turkey and Austria⁣ -Grand Master Trainer by @divineofbeauty⁣ 

-Multiple Certified Master Makeup Artist @samerkhouzami & @heldermarucci

-Certified Masterclass revolution by @mounir

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