-Owner and manager of the BeautyDiary beauty institute⁣ 

-specialized in Microblading & Permanent Make Up for about 6 years⁣

-Trainer for Microblading & Shading Brows since about 3 years⁣

-tattoo artist⁣

-specializes in alopecia sufferers


She has always been interested in fashion, architecture or the care of beauty. She was aware of her passion and wanted to make that to her job.

As Coco Chanel said: "Fashion is like architecture - it's all a matter of proportions.", She decided to follow her new path, following her example of this unique lady. She used the proportions of the human face and emphasized it with her learned knowledge through the microblading technique of perfection. With ambition, strength and will, she kept climbing the PhiAcademy. To achieve her goal she worked day and night, refined her work and became the first Royal artist in Germany. Already in August 2016 she got the master title. This is also the last step of this training. She currently lives and works as the owner of a beauty salon in Germany. She is proud to share her knowledge with her students, to provide support as well as to realize her dreams.


-Founder of the company & the Academy "Beauty Factory Esther Meinl" 

-She has been working in the beauty industry for 7 years and has been successfully working in the field of permanent make-up, make-up, laserhextensions, laser lifting and nail design for 4 years.

-Permanent makeup master trainer in the area of ​​Powder Brows, Permanent Lips & Eyeliner -Specialized for the "dotwork technique"

-World's First Trippel Royalartist of the famous Branko Babic Academy - Phibrows, Phicontour, Philashes

-Acting for the Phiacademy as Powder Brows Master

-2018 spokeswoman for Powder Brows technique on the Phimasterclass

-Winner of the Make-up Artist Scholarship 2012 of the Famous Face Academy


Owner of BeautifulAura Laura Danner⁣ "Hairdresser, make-up artist and certified cosmetician"

-Laura Danner has been working in the beauty industry for 15 years and in addition to international experience as a hair and make-up artist, she also launched her brand BeautifulAura - Laura Danner in 2015. She offers in her studio in the north of Munich many coveted treatments, of course, has all that she also offers self-taught and is certified several times in all areas. Clients of all ages are served in the areas of skin consultation, permanent hair removal and Microneedling. She specializes in the areas of permanent make-up / microblading. Many customers have been relying on the expertise of the specialist for many years and of course the highest quality is her top priority.


-Owner: 1st Official Phistudio in Augsburg ⁣

- trained nurse - therefore hygiene and precision is a must for me in my work :) ⁣

- I visited the nail designer training in 2014 -2018 as a hobby to the main occupation⁣

- 2015 Base Eyelash Extension Training 1: 1 Technique ⁣

- 2015 volume training at Dlux Pro Lashes ⁣

- 2015 Microblading Training ⁣

- 2016 Phibrow's training with the Zlata Kicin ⁣

- Already after 6 months after the microblading training I got my new title as 1st Phibrows Royal Artist in Augburg ⁣

- 2017 Philashes Advanced Russian Volume Training at Luisa Bässler ⁣

- 2017 Philings training with Zlata Kicin ⁣

- 2018 1st Philashes Royal Artist in Augsburg ⁣

- 2018 Pigment Wiper Permanent make up removal training at Sinan Yilmaz ⁣

- 2018 New Opening 1st Official Phistudio Augsburg ⁣

- 2018 Powderbrows Perfection Training at Kerstin & Thorsten ⁣

- 2019 Master for Pigment Wiper (PmU and Tattoo Removal) for Germany ⁣

- 2019 Official Master of Philashes Phiacademy Branko Babic ⁣

- Assistance and Support & Organization for Master of Phiacademy ⁣


• High School

• commercial education

• 2009 training in fine cosmetic pigmentation / eyebrow, lip and eyeliner make-up, masking and camouflage pigmentations for oral and maxillofacial surgery, dermatology, gynecology, oncology, trauma and plastic surgery

• Owner of own company Susi Staub-Lampert Contour Make-up & Microblading

• 2014 PhiBrows Microblading Artist, certified

• PhiBrows Royal Artist

• Removal

• Phi Contour Master PhiAcademy

• Pmu trainer for lips, eyeliner and eyebrows

• Perfection training for Powderbrows  

• specialized in breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients


-CEO of Beauty Queens, Official Master trainer and distributor for London Lash Pro.⁣ International speaker and lash judge during many lash competitions both online and live⁣

-CEO at Beauty Queens in Belgium with over 10 years experience in beauty industry.⁣

-Amsterdam Lash conference attendee, Amsterdam The Netherlands⁣

-Speaker IPMU expert event in june 2018⁣

-Awarded by London Lash Pro to be in in the World TOP 100 Lash Artist 2017.⁣

-Floor judge London Lash battle, London Uk 2017⁣

-Attendee London lash conference, Manchester, Uk 2017⁣

-nominated for NALA Award in nomination “Lash Artist of The Year 2018”⁣

-nominated for NALA Award in nomination “Lash Mentor 2018”⁣

-nominated for NALA Award in nomination “Academy of The Year” 2018⁣

-awarded as a TOP London Lash Professional Trainer in january 2018⁣

-awarded as a TOP London Lash Professional Trainer in february 2018⁣

-awarded as a TOP London Lash Professional Trainer in april 2018⁣

-awarded as a TOP London Lash distributor in March 2018⁣

-awarded as a TOP London Lash distributor in June 2018 ⁣

-the only official London Lash Professional Trainer in Belgium⁣

-the only official Everlasting Brows instructor in Benelux⁣ a Part of the World Elite in Eyelash Extensions by Victoires du Regard 2018⁣

-Judge at the Universe Lash & Brow competition 2018, Alicante, Spain.⁣

-Judge at the Union Belge des Cil designers 2018, Brussels, Belgium⁣

-Floor Judge at the Lash Battle 2018 , Glasgow⁣ -Speaker at the Union Belge des Cil designers 2018⁣

-Speaker at Everlasting Brows Bootcamp 2018⁣

-awarded by London Lash Pro to be in in the World TOP 100 Lash Artist 2018⁣

-awarded by Everlasting Brows for sharing great knowledge 2018⁣

-Judge Ultimate Lash Competition 2018⁣

-Judge Lash Bulls, Lash Cup Marbella 2019⁣

-Judge Benelux online Brow contest 2019⁣

-Judge Union Cils, Brussels 2019⁣


Founder and Owner of Beau Ideal⁣
Master of Beau Ideal Academy ⁣
Munich’s first official US-Ombrebrows Studio

- since 2012 certified in oneby one & volume technic⁣
- 2014 certified Microblading Artist⁣

- 2015 Founding of Beau Ideal ⁣
- 2015 Multiple certified Permanent Make up Artist⁣
- 2016 Royal Artistin of Phibrows ⁣
▫Removal -Skinial⁣
- since 2017 TÜV approved Manager of laser security⁣
- 2018 Specializing in Powder/Ombré Brows⁣
▫Soon Naturopath⁣
- 2018 Founding of Beau Ideal Academy

- Permanent Make up Workshops in German/ English/ Dutch 🇩🇪🇺🇸🇳🇱


Microblading & PowderBrows Artist, Instructor & "Kölner Frohnatur" or as he himself says: "the monk of the eyebrows".  Pino is 27 years old and lives in Cologne. Before finding his way into our diverse industry, Pino spent many years in the German TV landscape. Established contacts that he knows how to use in his day-to-day business. Pino found love for pigmentation in spring 2017. Driven by his strong ambition and perfectionism, he drills his craft to the highest level of performance and enjoys international renown. He completed exclusive trainings with world-renowned artists from Russia & the USA, always gave the learned his own touch and trains since the beginning of 2019 even artists. His overriding goal is to change human lives and, in close cooperation with his students, to show what is possible with diligence and planning for the lives of others and others. He is a radiant personality with the heart on his tongue. His students appreciate him for his rigor in the craft and his empathy on a human level. Rumor has it Pino recently joined the American "Beauty Angels Academy" as a master trainer. "I am incredibly excited about the talents of the Golden Peafowl. I would have been glad to participate in such a championship to take well-founded expertise. All the better for me is to rate all categories of eyebrows. Dear candidates, I am looking forward to seeing you! "

THUY AU from GERMANY Regensburg

Founder and owner Bang Beauty & More ⁣⁣

Since 2008 Nagel Design ⁣⁣

2012 Permanent makeup ⁣⁣

2014 eyelashes extensions -Hands & Nails Academy ⁣⁣

2015 Phibrows Artis zlata ⁣⁣ 2016

Training in Vietnamese and German,: Vietnam, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Czech, 🇩🇰 Denmark, Thailand.

2016 Top 10 Brow Conference in Holland ⁣⁣

2016 Jury in Korea-Vietnam Conference ⁣⁣

2016 Removal - Linda Paradise ⁣⁣

2016 Constructor PMU⁣⁣

2017 Soup Preme Lips - Alexsandra Gorecka⁣⁣

2017 Master S Academy - Stoviaolsav Oschenash⁣⁣ 2017 Asian PMU conference in Korea ⁣⁣

2017 remover- Maria letter ⁣⁣

2018 Master Biotouch -California ⁣⁣

2018 Browns & Lashes Canada 1st place medal ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Training in German and Vietnamese, groups or 1: 1 training


- self-employed in the beauty industry since 2004

- until 2007 master and trainer at Creative Nail Design

- Collaboration with Maybelin Jade and Lancome

- since 2015 certified microblading artist, expert and trainer for microblading

- Pmu expert

- Scalp pigmentation

- Removal

- Founder of Mina Mansoor Ink Academy

- Specialized in micropigmentation in alopecia and hair loss after chemotherapy


Founder of the company go'smetics since 2011. Microblading Artist Since 2015 & Founder of the Microblading Academy. These training courses contain a lot of basic and specialist knowledge which is necessary to be able to offer high-quality work. Of course, regular training is necessary to stay up to date. Yeliz can provide education and training in the following areas: Microblading & Permanent Make-Up, Professional Eyelash Lifting & Eyelash Wave, IPL - Permanent Hair Removal, Meso / Needling & BB GLOW Treatment, Phi Removal u.v.m.

Melanie Labes from GERMANY Glienicke

Founder and CEO of WOWbrows GmbH     

-Since 2012 working in the beauty industry     

-Specialized in manual eyebrow techniques (Microblading Hair Drawing & Powder Brows)     

-Own product developments for blades, colors and accessories for professional Microblading Studios    

-Has trained over 3000 Microblading students with their trainer network    

-Counts about 6000 studios among their customers in the webshop     

-2015 spokeswoman for herringbone technology in Birmingham UK     

-2018 spokeswoman in Warsaw Poland (PMU Congress)    

-Expert for Eyebrow Surveying & Preliminary Drawing (Interview i.d. Cosmetics International current September issue)


Melanie Engelmann, who was successful in Vienna for 15 years, has set up an international cosmetics company in the heart of St. Veit. She is a book author, produces the most diverse cosmetic products and always updates herself.

For some time now, she has confirmed herself with the production of various cosmetic products in order to enable the sustainable customer the most chemical-free application of mascara and so on. Ms. Engelmann has SPECIALIZED in the disease-related hair loss after chemos or alopezidia. The natural reconstruction of eyebrows in women and men is close to her heart, as well as scar treatment after accidents or surgery. Her team covers the latest techniques in permanent make-up, microblading and beauty trends. Not only customer service and close cooperation with the doctors, but also the education and training in her own Medical Beauty Academy, which is known internationally, puts her heart and soul into it.

The right education is important, continuing education is a must to stay competitive. Beauticians or lateral entrants can continue their education or be accompanied to self-employment.


Job: Jr. HR generalist with several years experience in luxury retail

Education: Trade Specialist

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